Thursday, June 18, 2009

Super Secret Single Behavior

The other night I was at Mark's house because my house did not have power. I think I discovered my super secret single behavior. And I think I know what did it--a purchase I made from It was the extractor tool. Yes, this may be gross to some, but I can't stop. It's like Charlotte looking at her pores in that mirror really close-up. I just can't stop making sure my pores are clean! So, back to Mark's. I was washing my face while he was downstairs watching TV. After I washed my face I realized I had been neglecting my extractor since I hadn't seen lights in about 3 days. So, I started. I am really not sure how long I was at work, but Mark called my name several times wondering what I was doing for so long. I guess I was doing my normal routine and didn't realize how long I actually spent in the mirror. All I know is, that was the best $18 I've ever spent--well maybe not ever but pretty close!

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