Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Love, Glove, Dove. (well, sort of)

I realized that I have more black summer sandals than I need. Why I don't have more brown sandals is beyond me--I have brown winter shoes galore. I realized this the other day when I saw that I have 1 pair of brown flip flops that are so beat up they barely stay on my feet. (Not to mention they are extremely boring and need to be replaced by something more fabulous). One of my go-to sites for reasonably priced, on-trend shoes is piperlime.com. They have women and men's shoes and always have great sales! Weaknesses #54: Getting shoes in the mail from piperlime. They wrap the shoe box in this pretty lime paper and the inside of the box has a cute print on it. The whole presentation of the delivery and opening the box makes me feel like they sent me a present. If I remember, I will try to post a pic when I get my next order. You may think I am crazy, but I absolutely love getting piperlime gifts in the mail!!

Anyway, I think I found some sale flip flops that are perfect for summer. They are leopard print and are just too cute. Then, I started to think about recent events and why I love animal prints oh-so-much. My mind recalled a time when Billie Jean and one silver glove were my very favorite things. (Yes, I was an MJ fan). So much that I had one of MJ's album (Yes, I said album). It was the one with him in a white suit and a tiger cub on the cover. I loved that cover so much! (Except sometimes when his intense gaze started to scare me, and I had to turn it toward the wall. I think Thriller did this to me). So, my love for animal prints and anything in that tortoise shell-looking family really make me nostalgic and love MJ all over again.

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