Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Hour at Ted's

"Would you like me to make you a drink while you shop?" Hhhhhmmmm.

Martini + Ted Baker = very, very bad

At least, this is what I thought when I was offered a drink at the Ted Baker store in Las Vegas. I love to shop, but somehow I think that drinking and shopping don't mix. Despite the party-like-a-rock-star atmosphere in Vegas and the accompaniment of 3 well-dressed, flamboyant young men, I was a good little shopper and decided to stay on task with why I came. UUMMM, TED BAKER! Ok, so Teddy ruins my online shopping theory because, well, you can't purchase anything online for US delivery. So, I have to settle for shopping in 1 of the 9 US locations. There was 1 thing the store did not have, and that is this dress I have been eyeing online. I am not sure if one should own more than 1 maxi dress (I have 1), until I saw this dress. I absolutely adore it. I really would need to try it on--I feel like longer dresses have a tendency to fit differently than a knee-length frock. I think Ted's tele will be ringing soon in Sin City. The best thing about the Ted Baker in Vegas is that it stays open until around midnight--I am sure there are plenty of vermouth bottles in the back to fit that bill!

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