Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cambria Cove

I got this catalog in the mail not too long ago and absolutely LOVE everything in it! It's one of those places that has all those things you would never buy yourself, but would be so happy to give as a gift--like stationery, candle lighters, journals, soaps, and even some pretty unique jewelry. I have spent months looking for some kind of address stamp (1 of which I could have used today while addressing shower invitations-arrrggg). They not only had some address stamps, but those old-fashioned wax stamps to close an envelope--now, I may be traditional on some things, but this may be taking it too far with the wax. I guess it would be a good touch if you were dating a Prince or something. The only thing I wonder about the regular stamp is how many stamps does it do? Not that I mail THAT many letters, but it would be a nice touch on your everyday letter.

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  1. I think when I was researching these it was 400 or 500 stamps. Stovall Collection or another stationary can probably tell you for sure. I wonder how their prices compare to'll have to post where you find the best deal.


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