Sunday, June 21, 2009


Enough about beauty products for now--I need my clothing fix. Ok, so today while I was perusing the aisles of online shopping, I realized I have been neglecting one of my very favorite sites to spot cute, going-out dresses.

I can never get enough dresses. I just love how easy it is--all you need is a dress and heels and you're set. Revolve Clothing has the absolute best selection, and you can always find great stuff on their sale page--which is something that is rare. Generally, the sale section on most sites is slim on sizes, colors, styles, designers...well, everything. This is not the case at Revolve.

Weakness #34: Plenty by Tracy Reese. For some reason, I can go through the hundreds of dresses on the web site and still manage to adore every Plenty dress on the site. Hhhmmmm. Which brings me to this dress. I am not one for very graphic dresses--I usually go for a classic look, but this dress just caught my eye. I especially love the back.

Revolve also have free shipping which is always a huge bonus. And, if I remember correctly, the last dress I ordered did not include sales tax. This is one of my favorite things about sites like this--you not only have a unique selection, but you're not taxed.

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