Sunday, June 21, 2009

1.7 fl. oz. of bliss

I was just outside for 3 minutes. I currently have 10 mosquito bites. This itchy sensation brought me back to the time I went to an outside evening wedding in Coral Gables, FL--the mosquitos were EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, the bride (being a planner) had a basket full of Avon's Skin So Soft mini bottles. I had never heard of this being a mosquito repellent until this balmy night. Sure enough, I applied the lotion, and there were no mosquitos to be found (biting me at least). And I know what you're thinking--it is going to smell powdery and just gross. It actually has no smell after applying. If you smell it while it's in the bottle, it has a mild scent, but nothing that would ever stay on you through the night.

I am an avid Skin So Soft fan--and who can beat the price of $.99 for these cute little mini bottles you can take anywhere?!

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