Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daily Eye Candy

Since I have found this site, it has evolved quite a bit. It is fun, girly site that has posts about fashion, nightlife, food, etc. It even has city-specific sites you can click on to see local shops and bars that may be appealing. It is always an enjoyable read. (And I really, really love the illustrations, too).

Love, Glove, Dove. (well, sort of)

I realized that I have more black summer sandals than I need. Why I don't have more brown sandals is beyond me--I have brown winter shoes galore. I realized this the other day when I saw that I have 1 pair of brown flip flops that are so beat up they barely stay on my feet. (Not to mention they are extremely boring and need to be replaced by something more fabulous). One of my go-to sites for reasonably priced, on-trend shoes is piperlime.com. They have women and men's shoes and always have great sales! Weaknesses #54: Getting shoes in the mail from piperlime. They wrap the shoe box in this pretty lime paper and the inside of the box has a cute print on it. The whole presentation of the delivery and opening the box makes me feel like they sent me a present. If I remember, I will try to post a pic when I get my next order. You may think I am crazy, but I absolutely love getting piperlime gifts in the mail!!

Anyway, I think I found some sale flip flops that are perfect for summer. They are leopard print and are just too cute. Then, I started to think about recent events and why I love animal prints oh-so-much. My mind recalled a time when Billie Jean and one silver glove were my very favorite things. (Yes, I was an MJ fan). So much that I had one of MJ's album (Yes, I said album). It was the one with him in a white suit and a tiger cub on the cover. I loved that cover so much! (Except sometimes when his intense gaze started to scare me, and I had to turn it toward the wall. I think Thriller did this to me). So, my love for animal prints and anything in that tortoise shell-looking family really make me nostalgic and love MJ all over again.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello, Gorgeous

Um, excuse me. These are probably 2 of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. They are items that must (and should) be had by every woman that appreciates fine leather goods. They are Chloé. They are gorgeous. And I thought I would share.

Style via Sighting

There is a website I found in which someone posts pics they have taken of people on the street in an effort to discuss fashion. Some of the pics are a bit off the wall--I must warn you. However, you'll run across certain posts that have actual cute stuff. Like the 2 girls that he claims are "it" girls. It is kind of fun to see how people dress in different parts of the world. I go to this sight every so often to see if there are any fun elements I can try to incorporate into my daily wardrobe. Things like Spok sunglasses and such are not even a question. However, I really like the belt and flats these 2 "it" girls are wearing. So, perhaps there will be more cute ideas to come.


I am not one that really loves kitchen stuff. However, more than ever, I have been posed with throwing parties. So, there are some things that have really caught my eye. There is a set of tumblers, a pitcher and a matching bowl that have this colorful, confetti pattern. It looks like something that would be really fun to have out with fruit in it or something like that.

Stella is Missing

I am in love with Stella by Stella McCartney. I don't have 1 perfume that smells like it. Sephora gave me a test sample on my previous online order--and I have been in love ever since. That's one thing I really like about Sephora online ordering--you get 3 free samples every time and they always have small free promos. Like last time I got a free tube of Dior mascara and the next order I got a lip primer. I love trying new stuff--and this is the best way to test new make-up. Anyway, Stella is a spicy scent that's perfect for going out at night. It reminds me of going out in Vegas because that's when I first wore it. I have been on a mission to buy the little roll-on version of this perfume so I can travel with it easily. HOWEVER, the Sephora store has been out of it every time I have paid them a visit. Since I needed a replacement of my lipgloss and a few other miscellaneous items, I figured this was a perfect time to purchase the Stella perfume. It was available online--and this $17 purchase pushed me over the $50 limit for free shipping. Life can't get any better--I get 3 free samples, 1 free lip primer, free shipping plus all of the make-up I had in my shopping cart! When the package arrived, I opened it and dug through the pounds of white tissue paper and found that my Stella was MISSING! Arrgggghhhhh! I looked at my order list, and the packer had checked off the perfume, but it was not in the box. I read the receipt further (maybe there was a note about backorder) and found the statement "Some items may be substituted if we run out. Sorry." So, I figured that the Cargo 7 -in-1 make-up box that I received was the comparable substitute? Um, no. Comparable=another perfume. So, I promptly sent Sephora a sweet little email wondering when my credit card was going to be credited. Sure enough, I received a response saying that it will be credited in 5-7 days. Woohoo! Well, sort of--I still don't have Stella. Rats! So, I will have to try again and again. Hopefully, one day I will find it in-stock. Until then I have my free Cargo make-up set to test.


I have been on a search to find some of my favorite (and most memorable) songs from the SATC series. The soundtrack does not seem to have any of the songs that I like. I was excited to find this 1 song--it's the song that says "do you believe what you see?". I can't remember what episode, so if you remember, let me know. It is called "In the Waiting Line" by Zero7. I think their album "Simple Things" is actually pretty good. Take a listen on iTunes. This is great laid back music for parties, too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Real Faux Shopping II

The easiest way for me to choose outfits in the morning is to keep these things in mind:
1. KISS (keep it simple, sweetie--I'm not stupid, thanks.)
2. Use a black or solid base. Even if you don't have a great LBD to wear, you can always wear a black top and black skirt. This is a great way to "fake" an LBD.
3. Make it unique by adding in a blazer, sweater or vest. This way you only have 1 article of clothing that is the hero.
4. Heels always make the outfit better. Always.
5. Graphic and dainty jewelry are great finishing touches.
6. Big purse = Hands-free and all your stuff can fit in 1 place. (It's great arm candy, too)!

Cleaning Rampage

I can admit it. I can be a bit of an obsessive cleaner. The floor must not have those crumbs that stick to your feet when you are barefoot. I think that is one of my very, very biggest pet peeves. I love it when you can walk across the floor with no socks on and have no worries of getting chip crumbs stuck to your big toe. Blegh. Needless to say, I am in love with cleaning supplies. Nothing makes me happier than coming home from the store with bags full of brand new sparkling cleaning supplies. I knew I was at the top of my cleaning game when I recently purchased a Bissell bagless vacuum cleaner. It was the best purchase I have made in a long time (and the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned) All of my area rugs have those nice vacuum wheel marks like they were brand new again. I love it!--Now I just wonder if a vacuum cleaner makes me this happy, then my age is definitely starting to show, hhmmmm.

I think the best cleaning supplies ever invented are by Method. I use the All purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, shower spray, dish wash soap, and cleaning wipes. The scents of all their products are quite delightful! Lavender and the fresh smell of the light aqua-colored bottles are the best.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real Faux Shopping

Ok, so I have decided to do a little faux shopping tonight to pick out my outfit for tomorrow. I think this is one of my favorite things to do. I like to go and pick out things from various online shops to mix and match the looks. I think this is what makes an outfit so appealing--when you are able to mix styles, colors, and trends so that everything comes together in 1 cohesive look. This is what I would want to wear to work tomorrow if the internet were my closet...

If you click on the image, it gets bigger...

Monday, June 22, 2009

I can't think of why this exists

I was perusing Urban Outfitters sale section (they are having an additional 15% off sale items until June 30), and ran across this delightful little treat that everyone should have. Breakfast-flavored floss. Um, disgusting. Especially the bacon one. Why would you want that taste in your mouth by using a fake flavoring-on floss of all things? Bacon should never be used as a flavor/scent that is considered a cleaning agent. Besides that point, why would you want to taste bacon after you just brushed your teeth with a mint-y flavor? Yuck. Clearly, this product was developed by someone who likes that bacon cologne as well. And don't think because I didn't mention the other two "flavors" that it makes those any better. Those are equally disgusting, with bacon taking the slight lead on the level of disgusting-ness. Blegh.

Hello, Lover

This is the first thing that came to mind very early this morning. No, it's not what you're thinking. (well, maybe it is). I had a flashback to Carrie looking at those beautiful shoes in a store front window. I can't remember- I want to say she was looking at Manolos, but for some reason my mind is thinking another label. My moment was not necessarily in front of a fabulous NYC store front. Rather, it was behind my steering wheel while looking at my blackberry messages from Neiman's. (I know, not so glamorous). So, my little email blast this morning was showing the new Fall collection of Gucci purses now available online. I am a firm believer in spending money on the things that count--shoes and purses. This purse is absolutely gorgeous! Well, actually there are 2 I like, but who's counting? I really love the classic style of both of them. And as I am writing this I think I have decided I like 1 more than the other--I think I like the Hobo more than the Satchel. I think the Hobo would be perfect for work--it would fit everything I have grown to need in my everyday purse, which is a lot. Somehow I have managed to fit things I never thought I would need--a day planner, shuffle, wallet/clutch, separate Hobo change wallet, and the list goes on. I just can't go anywhere without all of these things. Just last night I changed purses and decided I needed to start keeping a leaner purse. So I took out the shuffle and all the cords. (I know this isn't much, but it's a start). And guess what happened today--someone at work needed a shuffle to go run b/c his was broken. And then guess what happened--I didn't have one to let him borrow b/c I was trying not to be a traveling pack rat. Needless to say, I will be putting my shuffle and its cords back in my purse tonight.

On a side note, Neiman's is having free shipping for any purchase with the code NMSUMMER.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Enough about beauty products for now--I need my clothing fix. Ok, so today while I was perusing the aisles of online shopping, I realized I have been neglecting one of my very favorite sites to spot cute, going-out dresses. RevolveClothing.com

I can never get enough dresses. I just love how easy it is--all you need is a dress and heels and you're set. Revolve Clothing has the absolute best selection, and you can always find great stuff on their sale page--which is something that is rare. Generally, the sale section on most sites is slim on sizes, colors, styles, designers...well, everything. This is not the case at Revolve.

Weakness #34: Plenty by Tracy Reese. For some reason, I can go through the hundreds of dresses on the web site and still manage to adore every Plenty dress on the site. Hhhmmmm. Which brings me to this dress. I am not one for very graphic dresses--I usually go for a classic look, but this dress just caught my eye. I especially love the back.

Revolve also have free shipping which is always a huge bonus. And, if I remember correctly, the last dress I ordered did not include sales tax. This is one of my favorite things about sites like this--you not only have a unique selection, but you're not taxed.

Getting My Vegetables

While on the subject of beauty products, I recently tried Yes to Carrots--namely the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Target has these 3 items packaged together in a convenient little plastic bag--perfect for travel! The shampoo is a clear orange (as opposed to creamy), which leaves my hair with that clean feeling. They all have a light, sweet smell that is perfect for summertime. I think it even makes my hair look a bit lighter. Unfortunately, you can't buy directly from the Yes to Carrots website. However, you can purchase the shampoo, conditioner and more at Target.com. My next trial--Yes to Tomatoes (there's Yes to Cucumbers, too)

1.7 fl. oz. of bliss

I was just outside for 3 minutes. I currently have 10 mosquito bites. This itchy sensation brought me back to the time I went to an outside evening wedding in Coral Gables, FL--the mosquitos were EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, the bride (being a planner) had a basket full of Avon's Skin So Soft mini bottles. I had never heard of this being a mosquito repellent until this balmy night. Sure enough, I applied the lotion, and there were no mosquitos to be found (biting me at least). And I know what you're thinking--it is going to smell powdery and just gross. It actually has no smell after applying. If you smell it while it's in the bottle, it has a mild scent, but nothing that would ever stay on you through the night.

I am an avid Skin So Soft fan--and who can beat the price of $.99 for these cute little mini bottles you can take anywhere?!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Hour at Ted's

"Would you like me to make you a drink while you shop?" Hhhhhmmmm.

Martini + Ted Baker = very, very bad

At least, this is what I thought when I was offered a drink at the Ted Baker store in Las Vegas. I love to shop, but somehow I think that drinking and shopping don't mix. Despite the party-like-a-rock-star atmosphere in Vegas and the accompaniment of 3 well-dressed, flamboyant young men, I was a good little shopper and decided to stay on task with why I came. UUMMM, TED BAKER! Ok, so Teddy ruins my online shopping theory because, well, you can't purchase anything online for US delivery. So, I have to settle for shopping in 1 of the 9 US locations. There was 1 thing the store did not have, and that is this dress I have been eyeing online. I am not sure if one should own more than 1 maxi dress (I have 1), until I saw this dress. I absolutely adore it. I really would need to try it on--I feel like longer dresses have a tendency to fit differently than a knee-length frock. I think Ted's tele will be ringing soon in Sin City. The best thing about the Ted Baker in Vegas is that it stays open until around midnight--I am sure there are plenty of vermouth bottles in the back to fit that bill!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Super Secret Single Behavior

The other night I was at Mark's house because my house did not have power. I think I discovered my super secret single behavior. And I think I know what did it--a purchase I made from Sephora.com. It was the extractor tool. Yes, this may be gross to some, but I can't stop. It's like Charlotte looking at her pores in that mirror really close-up. I just can't stop making sure my pores are clean! So, back to Mark's. I was washing my face while he was downstairs watching TV. After I washed my face I realized I had been neglecting my extractor since I hadn't seen lights in about 3 days. So, I started. I am really not sure how long I was at work, but Mark called my name several times wondering what I was doing for so long. I guess I was doing my normal routine and didn't realize how long I actually spent in the mirror. All I know is, that was the best $18 I've ever spent--well maybe not ever but pretty close!


I don't wear watches. I don't like to even know what time it is (unless it is time to eat lunch or something). I think the last watch I faithfully wore was my Swatch Watch. I had interchangeable bands and face plate covers--the works. Don't lie. You know you had one. And you know you loved it. It has only been recently that I have been really wanting a new watch (As trying to bring back the Swatch Watch is really not going to happen for me. Yes. I still have it.) Ok, so I found the most beautiful watch from Michael Kors. It's absolutely stunning! I really think it is something I would wear pretty much everyday and love it! I think I am going to get it soon. I just can't stand not knowing what time it is any longer!

I found this web site that has really nice coats. And I think they are probably pretty warm considering the company is based out of Canada. So anyway, they have this Euro style thing going on that I kinda like. Big buttons. High collar. Rugged, but still sophisticated. I really like it. I have been eyeing this one jacket for a while--it's on sale now. I just find it soooo hard to buy a winter coat in the summer. I know you get the best bargains when you buy off-season, but I just can't seem to bring myself to buy a wool coat when it is 90º outside! However, if I ever find the coat I have been looking for my entire life--which is a knee-length, toffee-colored, leather, trench-style coat--I would totally buy it in a heartbeat! I have been looking everywhere! Kenneth Cole, BCBG, Gap, Banana Republic, ANYWHERE! I just can't find it. So. If you are ever out and find this exact description, let me know immediately! The closest thing I have found was in a vintage store in NYC. Only it was floor length--not happening. In the mean time, I will continue my search for the perfect coat and make due with the ones in between.

Cambria Cove

I got this catalog in the mail not too long ago and absolutely LOVE everything in it! It's one of those places that has all those things you would never buy yourself, but would be so happy to give as a gift--like stationery, candle lighters, journals, soaps, and even some pretty unique jewelry. I have spent months looking for some kind of address stamp (1 of which I could have used today while addressing shower invitations-arrrggg). They not only had some address stamps, but those old-fashioned wax stamps to close an envelope--now, I may be traditional on some things, but this may be taking it too far with the wax. I guess it would be a good touch if you were dating a Prince or something. The only thing I wonder about the regular stamp is how many stamps does it do? Not that I mail THAT many letters, but it would be a nice touch on your everyday letter.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out and Un

I periodically look at these 2 sites for gift ideas and just to see some pretty interesting stuff. There is a site for girls: outblush.com; And a sight for guys: uncrate.com. I have to say that the uncrate.com version has better stuff than the girls' version for some reason. Not sure if a guy is doing the girl version to make it less intuitive as to what women really want (ha). Anyway, remember the scene in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when they went to Cameron's dad's garage with the Ferrari convertible in it? (I am hearing that Twix song in my head right now). They were selling that garage on uncrate.com. It was insane! The asking price was six figures or more. I can't remember exactly. These 2 are just fun to look at for querky items and sometimes you might even find something for yourself. (Oh, and they update it every day!!)


Ok, I just found this web site that has really punchy, flower-y dresses and tops. It's called HaléBob. Remember the girl from The City (with Whitney from The Hills) that had the really awful boyfriend that cheated on her all the time...wait that may be a bit vague considering most the people on there this past season cheated...ok, it was the girl that modeled and dated the male model. ANYWAY, she is on the flash section when you click on main page. I did find 1 dress I liked, but not sure about it yet. I like to let it remain in my shopping cart for a while until I decide if I really, truly love it! Here is it! I really love the color--and I am normally not much of a pink-wearing person--but I think this would be a great vacation dress.

My very fuzzy slippers

I have been on a hunt for some soft, fluffy, open-toed slippers. I really didn't think this would be a hard find--so I just went to a few stores in town to find the perfect pair of summer slippers. Unfortunately, everything I found was awful. You know those slippers with the hard, thin white plastic bottoms that are like walking on cement? Yeah, that's what I found. UNTIL...I was looking through my magazines (something I love doing every night before bed) and found the cutest pair of flip flop, squooshy, fluffy, summer slippers! I spotted these in the Garnet Hill catalog. I have always loved some of their clothes and housewares, but I have never bought anything from them. I couldn't resist these slippers, so, needless to say, they were my very first purchase from Garnet Hill. Oh! Did I mention they were on sale! Yep, only $22! I thought that was pretty good! Here's a pic of them! I got the leopard, but they also have them in pink and blue. The soles are very good--in case you have to run outside for a sec. And they are soooo soft! I have to say my dog thought they were a toy for him at first, but he quickly learned that they were not!! ;)

While on the site I also found that Garnet Hill carries Velvet brand clothing--which I absolutely love! They have the best knit tops and dresses. They are always good quality and on-trend styling. Nothing too, too expensive--especially considering how versatile all of their pieces are. You should check Garnet Hill--they have lots of great stuff---and I think they are having a pretty good sale right now too!