Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stella is Missing

I am in love with Stella by Stella McCartney. I don't have 1 perfume that smells like it. Sephora gave me a test sample on my previous online order--and I have been in love ever since. That's one thing I really like about Sephora online ordering--you get 3 free samples every time and they always have small free promos. Like last time I got a free tube of Dior mascara and the next order I got a lip primer. I love trying new stuff--and this is the best way to test new make-up. Anyway, Stella is a spicy scent that's perfect for going out at night. It reminds me of going out in Vegas because that's when I first wore it. I have been on a mission to buy the little roll-on version of this perfume so I can travel with it easily. HOWEVER, the Sephora store has been out of it every time I have paid them a visit. Since I needed a replacement of my lipgloss and a few other miscellaneous items, I figured this was a perfect time to purchase the Stella perfume. It was available online--and this $17 purchase pushed me over the $50 limit for free shipping. Life can't get any better--I get 3 free samples, 1 free lip primer, free shipping plus all of the make-up I had in my shopping cart! When the package arrived, I opened it and dug through the pounds of white tissue paper and found that my Stella was MISSING! Arrgggghhhhh! I looked at my order list, and the packer had checked off the perfume, but it was not in the box. I read the receipt further (maybe there was a note about backorder) and found the statement "Some items may be substituted if we run out. Sorry." So, I figured that the Cargo 7 -in-1 make-up box that I received was the comparable substitute? Um, no. Comparable=another perfume. So, I promptly sent Sephora a sweet little email wondering when my credit card was going to be credited. Sure enough, I received a response saying that it will be credited in 5-7 days. Woohoo! Well, sort of--I still don't have Stella. Rats! So, I will have to try again and again. Hopefully, one day I will find it in-stock. Until then I have my free Cargo make-up set to test.

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