Monday, August 31, 2009

So me

Just found this dress on Kenneth Cole's site, and it looks like something I would totally wear to work. Love this look. Just in case anyone was wondering ;)

What's Your Cheetah Curve?

I am on a hunt for a new winter coat. I am not sure what I want exactly, but I think these 2 coats are along the line of the style I want. I am always a sucker for camel-colored coats, so I figured I would try something different. A printed coat may be nice, but I think sticking with classic colors/fabrics may be the wiser choice for a staple like a coat.

Mackage Black Coat
Mackage Herringbone Coat

However, this printed coat is very tempting...I found this coat at Garnet Hill-yes, it could border-line maw-maw-ish. I know. I do think, though, that there would be the perfect time for me to wear it, and it would look fresh and not so, well you got it...I am showing 2 photos of this one so you don't think I have totally gone off the Cruella-Deville deep end. It would definitely only be worn on days when I feel brave. Very brave. (I am acting like I own this coat, but haven't even purchased it).

Anyway. Coats. On the list.

Gypsy Style

Beautiful bag--perfect for traveling or over-night stays!!

I'm in a serious relationship

I am in a relationship with J. Crew. It's been going on for a little over 10 years now. It's the perfect relationship- I ask for something I love, and J. Crew always gives it to me. What more could I want? J. Crew just knows how to get to my heart. This season is especially delicious-ruffles, silks, crimsons, greys, and just beautiful clothes!! My faux shopping this month has been over-the-top, but I have tried to limit it to things I think I really, really need (essentials, you know). Here are a few of my favorites from the new arrivals. (My $25 reward is burning a hole in my Gucci wallet).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flirty & girly. Yes, Please.

I am really getting into a girly phase where I like sweet, feminine details on my clothes. Here are 2 tops with similar styles that I like. I adore the details of both blouses and think they would make excellent layering pieces for fall. I just might have to buy 1. Or 2.

The first top is from piperlime's new apparel site.
The second top is from j.crew.

I love new fall clothes, aahhhhh.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Piped up!

One of my very, very favorite web sites now sells clothes-Piperlime! How exciting!! They have stocked their selection with designer labels like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Trina Turk and Ella Moss. I really like this new addition. It definitely adds more selection (and validity) to the Gap brands. Here are 2 of my favorite tops from the site so far...this black tube top and this painterly-funky top.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I love vintage umbrellas. I used to have one that was navy blue with a bandana-ish print on it. The handle was a carved wood with a thin profile. I think it still exists somewhere at my mom's house, but not sure as to the functionality. Needless to say, I have an affinity for quaint, unique umbrellas. I have recently been on a trek to find affordable + cute umbrellas--and I think I may have found a web site that serves both of these purposes. I know, imagine that! They are really adorable (if an umbrella can be such a thing). They are priced around $39 each. I think that is pretty reasonable considering my beige Totes I have owned for several years is much to be desired. (not that I don't appreciate all of the wonderful times it has kept me dry or anything). They are all so cute, I really don't know which one I like best. Here are a few of my personal favorites...

This. Is. DIVINE.

I have been in denial for 3 years now as to why I need a dust ruffle. I decided I didn't need a dust ruffle one day and haven't used one since. I was on a mission to buy a new bed--"see, Bunny, some of the newer beds don't have dust ruffles." However, my quest for buying a new bed was eaten up for buying more important things. So, anyway, I was looking through my Garnet Hill magazine the other night before bed and found a not-so-traditional, but very cute dust ruffle. I think I may be sold on it. If I can get passed my stubborn "I don't need to own a dust ruffle" phase, I will definitely purchase this one.

On another note, see the sheets in the picture with the non-dust-ruffle, dust ruffle? (I actually think the best term is bedskirt) I fell in love with them the second I saw them. I went to look at them online and then BAM. 200 Thread count. Um, I don't think so. That is like sleeping on sand paper. Maybe my current 400 thread count, super-duper soft Ralph Lauren sheets have spoiled me, but 200 thread count? That sounds like cardboard. It's unfortunate. I will have to find some other sheets, some other time. Maybe they will go with my new dust ruffle and be just as DIVINE as my current ones.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tweed Pencil Skirt

I want you to guess where I found this pink tweed skirt....think about it. Really, I want you to try to guess. It will shock you.

Martin + Osa $20 off

Ok, so I seem to be on Martin + Osa's "please be our best customer list" because I keep getting these promotions in the mail. (I know everyone else probably gets these too, but I like to think of I'm the special one.) Here's a promo code to get $20 off a $75 purchase: 76467613. It says it is valid for a one-time use. This may be true, so whoever gets it first---you've just won the Shopping in My Slippers Lottery. Congrats!

Oh yeah, valid through 9/30/09.


I am a huge fan of a bargain when it comes to swimwear. I find it hard to justify paying $200 for something that barely covers my unmentionables--not to mention the see-thru cover-up I want to wear just to walk to the beach/pool. So with that in mind, I am always scouting to find things that would not necessarily be considered a cover-up. It could be a long tunic-y top or a really short dress. Bathing suits are a bit harder--I just have to catch those on sale at the end of the season. With all this said, I have had superb luck finding 1. sale bathing suits that are cute and 2. cover-ups at a reasonable price. I just ordered this bathing suit from anthropologie. It is very burberry-esque without being too much like a knock-off. I like the color palette. I would totally wear this with a solid bottom (or vice versa). Or if I felt like Charlotte that day, I would wear them both together ;)

This tunic is really cute, too. Not completely sold on it because I already have a paisley cover-up, but I love these colors. It is actually from alloy (somewhere I haven't shopped since I was 14 or something). I think this would make the perfect cover-up: low cost + cute + beach-y.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I didn't buy this online, but I am sure I could if I lived in a state that allows alcohol to be shipped. This made a cute addition to my bachelorette party favors! And would make a great house-warming gift for a friend that you wouldn't be afraid to call a....

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent

Ok, so I am totally going out on a limb here. I normally don't buy things online that I am completely unsure about the sizing--especially when it is 100% silk--but I just love this dress. I think it would be perfect with heels or with flip flops. So I did it. I ordered it. Hopefully it will fit!!!

Bachelorette Favors

Here are the favors in their bags all set up for the girls. You can see the kiss on the bags a little better in this pic. TOO CUTE!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Perfect Pouch

I found this little bag that would be perfect to carry all of the little stuff I keep in my purse--lip gloss, chap stick, and other small tote-ables. I think it is the cutest thing ever, and it's only $18! What a steal! Can't wait to get it!

Oh, and I almost forgot--the online purchase I just made from gave me FREE SHIPPING with my anthro card. I guess they changed the shipping fees?!!?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Vegas Bachelorette Goody Bags

Over the past several months I have been searching for the perfect gifts for a bachelorette party I am throwing. The only thing is, I have had to keep it mum as to what I am doing b/c the girl of the weekend reads this blog--sorry, I love surprises and couldn't as much spoil it. So, I have to say I have been spending a lot. A lot. A lot. Did I mention it was a lot? Of time finding cute, functional, gifts online to give everyone attending the bachelorette party. I love giving gifts. I love thinking of things that I know I would want and getting them for someone else. This was the best time to think---hhmmmmm, what would I want when I am 1. in Vegas, 2. at a bachelorette party, and 3. in need of something memorable for the event. I found several EXCELLENT web sites that helped for party planning, but in my case, it was especially perfect for a bachelorette party. Here's a breakdown of what I gave in the goody bags and where I got the goodies!

Vegas Care Packages for a Bachelorette Party:
1. I started my concept as a care package. So naturally, what do you need when you are in Vegas--sun screen! I got everyone travel size SPF 30. You need it out there, and this was a perfect, functional gift. I know, not too fun, but it is functional--

2. What does every girl want? Lip gloss! I found these travel size Sephora lip glosses online. They are perfect for on-the-go, but it also something you can keep using past the big weekend.

3. To keep the theme going, I got girl-y liquor-scented body lotions. Margarita, Pina Collada, Pink get the idea.

4. VODKA. Why would this not be on the list? Everyone got some travel size Sky Vodka for a little extra fun.

5. Notepads, dice, raspberry-flavored chocolates, and drink stirs were just a few little extras that I added.

6. I also felt like there needed to be something momentous. Something with the date or the bachelorette's name on it. This is where I found one of the best sights for party favors. Not only is their web site professional looking, they really have some great stuff.
I got the actual housing for all of these goodies and few fun extras.
-The goody bags are black with metallic fuchsia embossing. It has a lip print with a personalized message about the weekend dates, etc. I love these! They are the perfect size and will make a great keepsake for the bride-to-be.
-Then I started to think about how hot it is in Vegas again. That's when I came across these mini buri fans. They are THE CUTEST fans ever!! I love them! Hopefully, everyone else will, too!
-The last items I got from this site were these little embossed bags to house the "fancy" gift for everyone. (Tell you about those later).

7. I also got a hot pink drink coozie from They will be perfect at the pool during the daytime! This site also had tons of other fun goodies for the bride-to-be. I made a separate fun bag for her--info to come ;)

8. Ok, so time to get a little silly. I just couldn't stand to not give something that I think will be fun late-night and just make for some good memories. I wanted to by some 80s sunglasses-- Like hot pink or lime with dark lenses. However, it was hard for me to find reputable sites that sold items like this. I found this one site that I felt had a pretty big selection of party glasses and seemed to have decent web site standards. It is like a Party City online. Actually, it's like the place Party City buys their stuff from, and I found the PERFECT poker glasses here. They cracked me up when I saw them! Fun pictures will come of these babies!! (At least I plan on being in some fun pictures with these!)

9. The last web site I went to was for handkerchiefs. I realized that every gift from this point wasn't really the "nice" gift. So, I thought about a previous wedding I had attended where the bride gave out personalized handkerchiefs to all of the ladies. I thought this was an excellent and sweet gift for everyone. had what I needed. And they had the absolute CUTEST THING EVER! They had a bride dress handkerchief. How could I resist this? Um, it is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. So I got this and a pack a lacy regular 'chiefs for everyone else. The odd thing about this site is that it is called "embroider this", but they don't do embroidery. Maybe they should have consulted a marketing professional before naming their company. So anyway, I got all of these embroidered locally with an ecru thread. They are really nice. I would love to receive something like this! It is classic, girl-y and so perfect for an occasion like this!

Here are some of the pics of the items.