Monday, August 31, 2009

What's Your Cheetah Curve?

I am on a hunt for a new winter coat. I am not sure what I want exactly, but I think these 2 coats are along the line of the style I want. I am always a sucker for camel-colored coats, so I figured I would try something different. A printed coat may be nice, but I think sticking with classic colors/fabrics may be the wiser choice for a staple like a coat.

Mackage Black Coat
Mackage Herringbone Coat

However, this printed coat is very tempting...I found this coat at Garnet Hill-yes, it could border-line maw-maw-ish. I know. I do think, though, that there would be the perfect time for me to wear it, and it would look fresh and not so, well you got it...I am showing 2 photos of this one so you don't think I have totally gone off the Cruella-Deville deep end. It would definitely only be worn on days when I feel brave. Very brave. (I am acting like I own this coat, but haven't even purchased it).

Anyway. Coats. On the list.

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