Monday, August 3, 2009

Vegas Bachelorette Goody Bags

Over the past several months I have been searching for the perfect gifts for a bachelorette party I am throwing. The only thing is, I have had to keep it mum as to what I am doing b/c the girl of the weekend reads this blog--sorry, I love surprises and couldn't as much spoil it. So, I have to say I have been spending a lot. A lot. A lot. Did I mention it was a lot? Of time finding cute, functional, gifts online to give everyone attending the bachelorette party. I love giving gifts. I love thinking of things that I know I would want and getting them for someone else. This was the best time to think---hhmmmmm, what would I want when I am 1. in Vegas, 2. at a bachelorette party, and 3. in need of something memorable for the event. I found several EXCELLENT web sites that helped for party planning, but in my case, it was especially perfect for a bachelorette party. Here's a breakdown of what I gave in the goody bags and where I got the goodies!

Vegas Care Packages for a Bachelorette Party:
1. I started my concept as a care package. So naturally, what do you need when you are in Vegas--sun screen! I got everyone travel size SPF 30. You need it out there, and this was a perfect, functional gift. I know, not too fun, but it is functional--

2. What does every girl want? Lip gloss! I found these travel size Sephora lip glosses online. They are perfect for on-the-go, but it also something you can keep using past the big weekend.

3. To keep the theme going, I got girl-y liquor-scented body lotions. Margarita, Pina Collada, Pink get the idea.

4. VODKA. Why would this not be on the list? Everyone got some travel size Sky Vodka for a little extra fun.

5. Notepads, dice, raspberry-flavored chocolates, and drink stirs were just a few little extras that I added.

6. I also felt like there needed to be something momentous. Something with the date or the bachelorette's name on it. This is where I found one of the best sights for party favors. Not only is their web site professional looking, they really have some great stuff.
I got the actual housing for all of these goodies and few fun extras.
-The goody bags are black with metallic fuchsia embossing. It has a lip print with a personalized message about the weekend dates, etc. I love these! They are the perfect size and will make a great keepsake for the bride-to-be.
-Then I started to think about how hot it is in Vegas again. That's when I came across these mini buri fans. They are THE CUTEST fans ever!! I love them! Hopefully, everyone else will, too!
-The last items I got from this site were these little embossed bags to house the "fancy" gift for everyone. (Tell you about those later).

7. I also got a hot pink drink coozie from They will be perfect at the pool during the daytime! This site also had tons of other fun goodies for the bride-to-be. I made a separate fun bag for her--info to come ;)

8. Ok, so time to get a little silly. I just couldn't stand to not give something that I think will be fun late-night and just make for some good memories. I wanted to by some 80s sunglasses-- Like hot pink or lime with dark lenses. However, it was hard for me to find reputable sites that sold items like this. I found this one site that I felt had a pretty big selection of party glasses and seemed to have decent web site standards. It is like a Party City online. Actually, it's like the place Party City buys their stuff from, and I found the PERFECT poker glasses here. They cracked me up when I saw them! Fun pictures will come of these babies!! (At least I plan on being in some fun pictures with these!)

9. The last web site I went to was for handkerchiefs. I realized that every gift from this point wasn't really the "nice" gift. So, I thought about a previous wedding I had attended where the bride gave out personalized handkerchiefs to all of the ladies. I thought this was an excellent and sweet gift for everyone. had what I needed. And they had the absolute CUTEST THING EVER! They had a bride dress handkerchief. How could I resist this? Um, it is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. So I got this and a pack a lacy regular 'chiefs for everyone else. The odd thing about this site is that it is called "embroider this", but they don't do embroidery. Maybe they should have consulted a marketing professional before naming their company. So anyway, I got all of these embroidered locally with an ecru thread. They are really nice. I would love to receive something like this! It is classic, girl-y and so perfect for an occasion like this!

Here are some of the pics of the items.

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