Friday, December 25, 2009

I heart Kate Hudson!

Happy Holidays!


I recently remembered the first time I went into a newly built department store as a young girl. I was on the escalator to the second floor of racks and racks of children's clothes and, needless to say, I was in heaven. As we made our way to the top of the smooth ride, I remember taking a deep breath, exhaling and pronouncing, "I love the smell of this store!" This was the beginning of my adoration for shopping. I am sure my parents were less enthused about my proclamation that day, but it has led me down a path to find something that makes me happy--shopping!!

Jeweled Origami

I recently bought this party dress from Armani Exchange. I have been eyeing it for a couple of weeks and they just put it on-sale! 50% OFF! So, what else is a girl to do? Buy it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pop Sweater

...for a really brave day.

Paintbox Skirt!!

I have found the quintessential sequin skirt for NYE! It is so perfect for the occasion paired with black patent leather shoes and a black oversized sweater! I this!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Add something shiny

I think this belt from Urban Outfitters is the perfect accessory to add something extra to your LBD. It also comes in dark green, pink, and black.


I bought a Neutrogena Wave. Yes, I know. It seems a bit gimmick-y, but it was on sale, and I love new soap and shampoo products. So I bought it. It's not the newer one that has 2 levels of vibration, rather just 1 level. But I figure that 1 level was good enough for me. Some of the pros for me were: softer skin, it smells really good (kind of a sweet soapy smell then as you clean it tingles and smells minty), doesn't try out my skin too bad (as compared to the regular blue bottle Neutrogena face wash), and my pores feel clean when I touch my face. A few cons I found were: it does not bubble up as much as the commercial shows, can't wash my eye make-up off with it, and the replacement pads are a bit pricey.

As a whole, I do like it.

I think Jenny heard me...

Jenny Han's website now allows you to buy online!!! Take a peek at the fall line--the web site is not very functional, but I can't believe that they changed it!! Oh, lucky day!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monogrammed Wine Stopper

I absolutely love this as a gift for a loved's personal and functional. I bought one for someone special this year and can't wait for her to open it!

Sweet Little Lies

To be released February 2, 2010, LC's second book will be released to continue the saga that I so adore--THE HILLS! I just hope that this one is sweeter than the first...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Eh, hem

I was in the process of creating this post when I came across this on the web site (Please click in a safe place. No sound, just very eye-sensitive.) HOTNESS.

Ok, so now that's out of my system...I found these un-mentionables that are too cute for words! I love quite a few of them. Here's a link and peruse at your own leisure...

Warm Up

I was at a bachelorette party/shower several years ago and one of the gifts was a warm & fuzzy pair of sock/slippers and a robe. I loved that the gift wasn't some cheap lingerie she would never wear or probably like. I thought this was a great gift! So ever since then, I have wanted a pair of these warm, fuzzy, adorable slippers. The only ones that I have been able to find that I think would be equally as cute/comfy as the ones I saw at the party are from....drum roll....J. Crew. Yeah, I know. I am in a love affair with J. Crew, so get over it...Here they are.

J is for me!

...Been on an urban outfitters kick lately. I have been eyeing this necklace for several months and decided to order it! I received it today and think it's just about the cutest thing I've ordered in a while! They have it is silver too (if gold isn't your thing).

Oh, yeah...and I can't forget this cigarette snap case. No, I don't smoke, but it's the perfect size to fit phone, ID, and lip gloss. (So I had to have it...) Did I mention it's leopard, chain print? I heart this little case!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More gift ideas...

For your fuzzy friend....a collar charm is perfect.

For your best friend's desk...a personalized coaster.

Love, Glove, Dove. (really this time)

I thought these would be the cutest stocking stuffer...and it's kinda funny, too.


I have finally found the addressing stamp I like (with the help of a friend). is having a 40% off sale on their addressing stamps. I took this opportunity to buy 2--one for myself and one for a Christmas gift. I can't wait for it to arrive on my doorstep! These are the designs I ordered....

J. Crew really does love me

I ordered a new coat from J. Crew, and it fits and looks wonderful! I got the spiced wine color to break out of the normal brown and black colors. The best thing about it is the wonderful sales rep I called a couple days after receiving my coat. Oh, Rachel, how I love you (and J. Crew, too). See, I got an email that said all outerwear is 30% off, when I paid full-price! So, even though the coupon said "not valid on previous purchases" (which she so properly read to me over the phone), I politely and sweetly asked if she could credit my account. I told her I would just return the coat and reorder it and that would be a pain. She told me just this 1 time she would do it, even though this is not the standard policy. I LOVE HER! I just think if you're nice and nice and nice again, they will eventually give you what you deserve = 30% off!! I am forever a customer of J. Crew and can't wait to get my $25 reward to buy that pretty blouse I just saw on the web site...


I saw this belt on Urban Outfitters and HAD TO HAVE IT! I think it will look very different whenever I wear it...definitely a step outside of my normal style but I love being a tad bit adventurous sometimes!! (They also have a horse version for those feeling a little less on the cougar side of things)

I'm Back.

I've been taking a break from shopping online but I am back (with a vengeance, kinda). I have done all of my Christmas and (my birthday, hehe) shopping online this year. Actually, there are only 2 gifts I will be purchasing in-stores. Yep, I'm all cozy and warm at home to avoid the driving in traffic, waiting in lines, and crazy/frantic shoppers.

I recently ordered and received this blazer. It is a cotton material (which is a great change from wool blazers). It is easy to style casual or for work. I think it will easily become one of my wardrobe stables.

Here are a few other things I love from

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Layering Pieces

I am always trying to find the perfect layering tops for winter. I found this new catalog/website that has a few cute things. Most of it isn't really my style, BUT they did have a great turtle neck that is essential to layering with my favorite chunky sweaters. The only think I'm not sure about is the rouching on the sides. Not sure if that would end up "riding up" and not staying on the hips. I'd probably get the graphite color. It may be a good item to wait for a sale.

Black Currant Cassis

This is the best smelling candle I have ever owned, seriously. Get some from Anthropologie's site! I am on my second one and am about to buy another one.

I promise, if you don't like, I'll be happy to find a home for it.

My New Obsession: ANTHRO COATS

I have filled my shopping cart with the Fall line from Anthropologie. I am in love with everything they have on their site and am maintaining EXCELLENT self-control, if I do say so myself. Here are a few of my very favorite coats. I am thinking the black coat with the gold hardware and the greenish herringbone coat will be in my coat closet very soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peace on Earth, Just Not on My Purse

This is the second time I have gotten this purse as the feature in an email advertisement. I love the purse, but not a fan of the peace signs. Honestly, I don’t understand the big deal about this purse. This designer seems to put them on everything--so maybe that’s his thing. Or maybe I’m getting old, but peace signs remind me of when I was 10 years old and thought it was cool to sign letters with the peace sign and my name. So, needless to say, I will not be purchasing any peace signs to go on my designer purse. (Those peace signs I drew were free, these are $415).

Itsy Etsy

I thought these were unique place card holders. Kinda wood-y and girl-ish at the same time.