Thursday, December 17, 2009


I bought a Neutrogena Wave. Yes, I know. It seems a bit gimmick-y, but it was on sale, and I love new soap and shampoo products. So I bought it. It's not the newer one that has 2 levels of vibration, rather just 1 level. But I figure that 1 level was good enough for me. Some of the pros for me were: softer skin, it smells really good (kind of a sweet soapy smell then as you clean it tingles and smells minty), doesn't try out my skin too bad (as compared to the regular blue bottle Neutrogena face wash), and my pores feel clean when I touch my face. A few cons I found were: it does not bubble up as much as the commercial shows, can't wash my eye make-up off with it, and the replacement pads are a bit pricey.

As a whole, I do like it.

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