Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am a huge fan of a bargain when it comes to swimwear. I find it hard to justify paying $200 for something that barely covers my unmentionables--not to mention the see-thru cover-up I want to wear just to walk to the beach/pool. So with that in mind, I am always scouting to find things that would not necessarily be considered a cover-up. It could be a long tunic-y top or a really short dress. Bathing suits are a bit harder--I just have to catch those on sale at the end of the season. With all this said, I have had superb luck finding 1. sale bathing suits that are cute and 2. cover-ups at a reasonable price. I just ordered this bathing suit from anthropologie. It is very burberry-esque without being too much like a knock-off. I like the color palette. I would totally wear this with a solid bottom (or vice versa). Or if I felt like Charlotte that day, I would wear them both together ;)

This tunic is really cute, too. Not completely sold on it because I already have a paisley cover-up, but I love these colors. It is actually from alloy (somewhere I haven't shopped since I was 14 or something). I think this would make the perfect cover-up: low cost + cute + beach-y.

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