Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Real Faux Shopping II

The easiest way for me to choose outfits in the morning is to keep these things in mind:
1. KISS (keep it simple, sweetie--I'm not stupid, thanks.)
2. Use a black or solid base. Even if you don't have a great LBD to wear, you can always wear a black top and black skirt. This is a great way to "fake" an LBD.
3. Make it unique by adding in a blazer, sweater or vest. This way you only have 1 article of clothing that is the hero.
4. Heels always make the outfit better. Always.
5. Graphic and dainty jewelry are great finishing touches.
6. Big purse = Hands-free and all your stuff can fit in 1 place. (It's great arm candy, too)!

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