Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My very fuzzy slippers

I have been on a hunt for some soft, fluffy, open-toed slippers. I really didn't think this would be a hard find--so I just went to a few stores in town to find the perfect pair of summer slippers. Unfortunately, everything I found was awful. You know those slippers with the hard, thin white plastic bottoms that are like walking on cement? Yeah, that's what I found. UNTIL...I was looking through my magazines (something I love doing every night before bed) and found the cutest pair of flip flop, squooshy, fluffy, summer slippers! I spotted these in the Garnet Hill catalog. I have always loved some of their clothes and housewares, but I have never bought anything from them. I couldn't resist these slippers, so, needless to say, they were my very first purchase from Garnet Hill. Oh! Did I mention they were on sale! Yep, only $22! I thought that was pretty good! Here's a pic of them! I got the leopard, but they also have them in pink and blue. The soles are very good--in case you have to run outside for a sec. And they are soooo soft! I have to say my dog thought they were a toy for him at first, but he quickly learned that they were not!! ;)

While on the site I also found that Garnet Hill carries Velvet brand clothing--which I absolutely love! They have the best knit tops and dresses. They are always good quality and on-trend styling. Nothing too, too expensive--especially considering how versatile all of their pieces are. You should check Garnet Hill--they have lots of great stuff---and I think they are having a pretty good sale right now too!

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