Monday, June 22, 2009

I can't think of why this exists

I was perusing Urban Outfitters sale section (they are having an additional 15% off sale items until June 30), and ran across this delightful little treat that everyone should have. Breakfast-flavored floss. Um, disgusting. Especially the bacon one. Why would you want that taste in your mouth by using a fake flavoring-on floss of all things? Bacon should never be used as a flavor/scent that is considered a cleaning agent. Besides that point, why would you want to taste bacon after you just brushed your teeth with a mint-y flavor? Yuck. Clearly, this product was developed by someone who likes that bacon cologne as well. And don't think because I didn't mention the other two "flavors" that it makes those any better. Those are equally disgusting, with bacon taking the slight lead on the level of disgusting-ness. Blegh.

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