Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cleaning Rampage

I can admit it. I can be a bit of an obsessive cleaner. The floor must not have those crumbs that stick to your feet when you are barefoot. I think that is one of my very, very biggest pet peeves. I love it when you can walk across the floor with no socks on and have no worries of getting chip crumbs stuck to your big toe. Blegh. Needless to say, I am in love with cleaning supplies. Nothing makes me happier than coming home from the store with bags full of brand new sparkling cleaning supplies. I knew I was at the top of my cleaning game when I recently purchased a Bissell bagless vacuum cleaner. It was the best purchase I have made in a long time (and the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned) All of my area rugs have those nice vacuum wheel marks like they were brand new again. I love it!--Now I just wonder if a vacuum cleaner makes me this happy, then my age is definitely starting to show, hhmmmm.

I think the best cleaning supplies ever invented are by Method. I use the All purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, shower spray, dish wash soap, and cleaning wipes. The scents of all their products are quite delightful! Lavender and the fresh smell of the light aqua-colored bottles are the best.

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