Monday, July 6, 2009

White Dress

Ok, so maybe this dress would or wouldn't go with my origami shoes--but this is the first white dress I actually like since...well, 1990 or so. It has some of the same cut-out features the shoes do, which seems to be what I want at this very moment. And it is on sale right now! I am not sure how much longer BCBG is going to have this sale, but it is really good--30% off new arrivals. Weakness# 89: BCBG sales. I once found a great airplane bag on sale for about 75% off in the store. I don't know if putting everything on sale is good or bad, but I do know 1 thing--I can always find great items to wear from season to season. Another dress I really am loving right now is this boatneck style dress. I have been wanting a sheath-type dress for a while, but haven't found one that I truly adore. This one is pretty cute/casual or I could even dress it up for work.

I had one of those moments again this morning when I opened an email and fell in love. I honestly have never seen 2 items of clothing I love more...they are beautiful. This shift dress kicks the other shift dress's you know what. The blue coat is so me! I would wear that all the time!! (Well, maybe only in the winter months). Anyway, I love both of these equally. Ok, that's enough gushing. Go check it out here!

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