Monday, July 6, 2009


My second favorite thing to do is decorate my home. I love to be inventive and create interesting designs with new, unexpected things. For example, this is a picture of 3 frames I made from the following: wrapping paper, a magazine page, and an illustration from the internet. The first frame is actually really funky wrapping paper I bought. I loved it so much, I thought it deserved to be in a frame. The second is actually a high quality paper ad in one of my design books. I liked the colors, and I like feathers- so, it was a perfect fit. The last frame kind of plays off of the middle frame's concept. Peacocks are pretty fun and great for an impactful design element. I found this illustration online and just changed the color and hit print. I may end up changing the top one to be peacock-related, but right now I am enjoying my make-shift artwork.

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