Thursday, July 9, 2009

dream a little dream

Ok, so every girl can dream, right!? I am a picky person. There. I said it. I admit that my taste is a little on the high maintenance side. At least I have honesty on my side, too. With that said, I have never been able to find an actual ring that I am emphatically in love with. (As Charlotte once said, "I am getting married this year!....But I haven't met him yet.") So, with that said, I can still dream of the time when this actually happens. I absolutely adore a solitaire engagement ring. My fingers are on the small side, so I think it would look fabulous on my hand. The only thing I haven't been able to find is a thin band. Hhhhmmm. So, I will just dream that one exists that would hold a 2k solitaire. There. I said that too. 2k-3k. Ok. There, it's all out there. I would be happy with no diamonds in the band or the setting (see, I am saving someone money there). So with all this said, I semi-like (more than half like) the Harry Winston ring that is on the bottom of this picture of 3. I would be happy with a non-Harry Winston ring. This is just the only one I could find online that I like the proportion of the diamond to the band. Even though, I think this band may be too thick for my little fingers. Besides the fact that I am not engaged and not ring shopping, a girl can dream.....

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