Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi-Rise & Bell Bottoms

I went through a stage last winter when I refused to buy another more pair of jeans---I had a binge about 2 years ago and have WAY too many that I just don't wear. I haven't really found any jeans that I love either. I had been on a search for straight leg skinny (but not too skinny) jeans. I did not them. So I guess I am going for the opposite extreme. I found this pair online the other night. I am not sure how bell bottom-ish jeans would look. They may be too retro or something. But I do like how they fit on the girl in the pic. The only thing I am leery about is how thin they may be. They look like they could be paper thin--and I hate that. So, let me know what you think. I just can't make up my mind---skinny jeans or a look like this??? Oh, and BTW I do like the hi-rise waist. I would definitely wear that with a blouse-y shirt.


  1. Maybe it's my ghetto bottom, but I am over and out on skinny jeans! Love these; let me know if they work out.

  2. I think it would be a nice change. Just not so sure about this brand. Maybe I should breakdown and go try on a pair next time I am out and about...


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