Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I want you, but I can't have you.

I love shopping online. But I absolutely despise when I go to a web site only to find things I adore and can't buy them because it is not an online store. They make you hunt it down on other web sites and work for it. Ugghhhh. NOT fun. I found this dress I really liked from 80s Purple and decided not to get it because I wasn't sure about how they styled the dress in the photography. Well, come to discover they were trying to funk it up in the photography and the dress really doesn't look like that! I should have bought it when I first saw it. RATS!! So now I can't find it online anywhere. Except the designer's site. Where online shopping is not available. Where they want you to contact them to find locations. Where I am now annoyed that I love their clothes and can't buy them easily. Aaarrggghh. (Sorry, just venting).

So, I want to show you the photo of the dress I wanted (past tense) and how it should be styled by the designer (first photo). Then I want you to look at how the retailer's site styled it (second photo). COMPLETELY different. And that picture is what made me NOT buy the dress. Oh well. Maybe I should just move on, but I had to tell someone.

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