Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Right to a Right-Handed Ring

Right-hand rings. This is something a woman starts to think about as she realizes "I want to buy something for myself". Something she can say, "Yep, I bought this because I can."

I think my time to do this will happen sometime soon. It is like a crossroads in life. A crossroads of jewelry. I recently found the most beautiful ring in a David Yurman store. I looked online, but don't really see the exact ring that I found, but it is similar (first one shown below). The one in the store seemed to be a bit longer (so that it fell closer to my knuckle, it was almost double in size of the one online). This picture doesn't really do it justice. However, the sparkling lights in the store did! I really like the antique gold with the diamonds. It has "classic" written all over it! Here are some others rings I like that could possibly fall rightly on my right-hand.

Tiffany ring 2
Tiffany ring again 3--not sure about this one, would definitely have to try it on in a store. I do like the color.

Ok, I am going to stop now. These are so gorgeous! I will have a big decision to make for my little finger some time soon!

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