Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Disco, Glitter & The Short of It All

I recently had one of the best things happen to me--I GOT LADY GAGA TICKETS. Not just ANY tickets--VIP. I am so excited about this concert. I can't even imagine what it will be like! I have already been flirting with the idea of what I would wear. I have a couple of dresses in mind that are already in my closet. But then my little mind started to wander down Online Shopping Lane. There are so many options. Today I am obsessed with mini skirts. I normally am not one to wear minis, but I feel like I may be more inclined to do so as this spectacular event! Here are some that caught my eye.

The Bad Romance Skirt

The Shake Ur Kitty Skirt

The Money Honey Skirt

The Boys Boys Boys Skirt

The Starstruck Skirt

The Dirty, Rich, Beautiful Skirt

We just like to party like to p p p party yuh skirt

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